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Original Thai concept restaurant set in the heart of Peckham

On any foggy morning in Chiang Mai, the creeping scent of spices and sugar from street vendor stalls mingles with the approach of orange clad monks, chanting while they carry their alms pots.

The vessel – called a ‘begging bowl’ – is an important part of Thai culture hailing back to Buddhist traditions of making merit and the community spirit it inspires is fascinating to witness.

It is this ethos that we hope to embody in our own corner of South London.

To us, The Begging Bowl enshrines a sense of community, and of sharing, both with Peckham and the Thai friends and family which inspired our foundations.


The Begging Bowl is a vessel used by buddhist monks in Thailand in a daily morning ritual where people come out to the streets and give them food and make merit.

Time Out

"Chic Thai with an exciting menu: worth queuing for."

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Evening Standard

4 STARS "Bringing a bowl of Bangkok to the streets of Peckham"

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8/10 "Thai street-food heaven in south-east London"

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The Telegraph

4 STARS "Let’s order everything!"

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Square Meal

4.5 STARS "this cheerful Thai canteen is a cracker... top marks"

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The Begging Bowl
168 Bellenden Road
London  SE15 4BW

020 7635 2627

For booking enquiries email 

Opening times

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 6pm–10pm
Wednesday: 6pm–10pm
Thursday: 6pm–10pm
Friday: 12noon–2.30pm & 5pm–10pm
Saturday: 12noon–2.30pm & 5pm–10pm
Sunday: 12noon–3.30pm

Opportunities for people with passion and a smile

Firstly we are looking for those special people who smile and are passionate….the rest we can teach you with the enthusiasm and drive you possess. In return you will join the Bowl family and a friendly local restaurant with its heart in Peckham. We run a professional and creative team and will pass on our love for Thai food. The Begging Bowl environment is a tight-knit group of fun and knowledgeable personalities and endless opportunities.

Apply to jobs@thebeggingbowl.co.uk or call 020 7635 2627

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