Bellenden Big Taster

Bellenden Big Taster

I’m forever meeting people from in and around Peckham that have never been to Bellenden Road. And so I regularly find myself raving and waxing lyrical about our wonderful, creative, passionate corner of a great community. 

I might be a bit biased (**disclaimer: I own one of the businesses), but Bellenden Road is a gem in Peckham. It’s not just the gorgeous indie shops and eateries that make it shine - it’s the people, who give it that extra little sparkle. 

So, after a recent rave and lyrical waxing, I got to thinking about all the different people on the street, our connections and how we could use these collectively in a more powerful and positive way. 

I want to celebrate our little road, its shops and the brilliant businesses while giving those working in the community and local charities a big high-five.

So, I decided to put together a street event. The initial starting point was food but, with more businesses getting on board, it’s gone beyond that now. The idea is that people and families who come can have a taster from each business. It could be a nibble, a drink or an activity connected to what they do.

The response so far has been brilliant. There’s a real energy when people come together. It fuels more good stuff- other creative ideas and potential collaborations.  Asahi beer will generously provide a free bar for the afternoon and we are collaborating with Plastic Free Peckham.

It will be a chance for us on the street to get to know each other even better, hopefully increase trade during the week and show our support for some of the charities working hard in Peckham.  

The event will be supporting two outstanding organisations Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers and Peckham Food Bank. They could really do with some help and support from the local community. It would be awesome if the whole street got behind this event. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but this could be a great annual fixture! I hope people feel as up for this as I do. 

Date: 2nd of May 2019
Timings: 4pm - 6.30pm
Eventbrite tickets:

(Published on: 23.04.19)