Begging Bowl Canteen

Begging Bowl Canteen

TODAY IS THE DAY! We’re super excited to announce the opening of our new pop-up, Begging Bowl Canteen, at The Prince West Brompton Crossing, which opens tonight. It’s been a hard grift setting up in just a few weeks but we’ve made it and tonight we get share the results (and some new  our wonderful creations) with you!

Come down from 6pm tonight to taste the return of some Begging Bowl original favourites, including hed palo (enoki, shimeji and king oyster mushroom , five spice broth, pickled morning glory and duck egg), tom mun pla (fish cakes, kaffir lime leaf, Thai basil, sweet chilli sauce) and gai yang (grilled, marinated Suffolk chicken legs, long pepper, tamarind dip) among others.

It's going to be delicious!

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(Published on: 15.11.17)